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Joe Husosky

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Here is a picture of Stevie and I at the same age. No PhotoShop   tricks other then just fixing for 43 years of age

UPDATE August 21 Stevie has to wear a patch on each eye every day for 3 hours per Ophthalmologist, to try to correct his "wondering eyes".
UPDATE August 18thStevie is walking like crazy!!! And driving us crazy in the process. The whole Dinning/living room has been converted into a kid safe zone.
 UPDATE July 4thWe are all home safe and sound!!! The 18 hour trip home went surprisingly well. In the how small is this world department, one of my Century Village customers was across the isle in the plane from us.
The cat is out of the bag, some have known and some have not, but we would like everyone to know that we have adopted a beautiful baby boy from Moscow, Steven "Stevie" Christopher Husosky. It has been a very long and easily derailed process so some have been left out of the loop because we did not want to get everyone's hopes up. Now the courts have OK'd the adoption and we are awaiting the paperwork to be completed. Stevie was born May 16, 2006, and is physically the size of a 9-month old, I am sure it wont be too long before he is up to par with others in his age group.

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